Planting Instructions

Thank you for choosing our eco-friendly seeded paper products! Here are some simple steps to ensure your cards, leaflets, and other products bloom into beautiful, vibrant wildflowers:

Step 1: Pick the Perfect Spot 🌱

Select a sunny area in your garden, backyard, or even a window box. Our seeds love the warmth of the sun to sprout and grow.

Step 2: Prep the Soil 🌿

Gently rake the soil to remove any debris and make it nice and fluffy. For best results, use high-quality, peat-free soil.

Step 3: Planting the Seeds 🌼

Tear your Foxglove Paper product into small pieces and lay flat on the soil. Carefully, cover the paper with a thin layer of soil (about 1/8 inch deep), just enough so that it can no longer be seen. 

Step 4: Water with Care 💦

Water your seeds gently but thoroughly. Keep the soil damp but not soaking wet during the germination period.

Step 5: Be Patient and Watch the Magic Unfold 🌸

Now comes the exciting part - the waiting game! Within a few weeks, you'll witness tiny sprouts pushing their way through the soil. Soon, your garden will be filled with a colourful display of vibrant wildflowers.

Step 6: Tend to Your Seedlings 🌺

As your wildflowers grow, make sure they get enough water and a little extra love. Feel free to remove any weeds to allow space for your flowers to blossom.

Step 7: Share the Joy 🌈

Once your wildflowers are in full bloom, don't forget to take a picture and share it with us on social media using #FoxglovePapers. Your creation has come full circle, spreading joy and beauty for others to enjoy!

Keep the Cycle Going 🌎

Our mission at Foxglove Papers is to make the world a greener and brighter place, one seed at a time. When your wildflowers have finished blooming, let them go to seed, so they can keep the cycle of life and beauty going. Plus, you'll have new seeds to scatter to add to our homes and gardens!